Below is the boring but important stuff, we dont sell new items but we take a lot of time to photograph and video items for sale, whilst were confident there will be no lies in our descriptions we ask all buyers to remember that our job is to sell things.


​ONLY BY APPOINTMENT, we do not have a permanently staffed showroom, yard, office or shop, viewing is by appointment only, please make contact to arrange BEFORE travelling. Most items are stored in a secure location away from our registered address and may not be available to view unannounced.

ONLY BY APPOINTMENT, we do not have a permanently staffed showroom, yard, office or shop, collecting is by appointment only, please make contact to arrange BEFORE travelling. Most items are stored in a secure location away from our registered address and may not be available to view unannounced.

No sale is final until full payment has been made by bank transfer or cash, all items will remain for sale until paid for. All items are to be paid in full, cleared funds, prior to removal from our premises or delivery.

All items are sold as described and inspected at buyer’s discretion, normally without a warranty, this is due to the general age and condition of all used parts and the submarket value or trade asking price, warranties are available at additional costs on any item, as we only sell older items, warranties can be costly and often exceed the asking price of the item. The lack of a warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

All classic or vintage items are sold as collector’s items and may not be suitable for the original intended use (Items over 15 years of age).

All tractors, quads and agricultural equipment are sold on a spares or repairs basis for parts and not suitable for the original intended use. This is due to the former agricultural use of the item and the unknown condition of all moving part’s, all these items are sold on a trade to trade basis.

All our plant & construction machinery is used, not new, most items will be over 15 years old, they will have scuffs, scratches, dink's, bangs, marks, chips and damage’s. They will have been used in an industrial environment, they may have minor leaks or drips, they may have some electrical buttons, switches, controls that do not work, some of the dials gauges or clocks may not work, if rubber tracks are fitted these tracks could have splits, wear, cuts or cracks, some of the operations may have been altered form the original specification. Some or all of the pipes and fittings may be worn and need replacement in the near future, hydraulic leaks can happen at any given moment with older used construction equipment.

All buyers are requesed to make a complete inspection of the item prior to purchase and we welcome inspection by any qualified engineer, AA / RAC inspector or motor trade professional. Items delivered by our transport require the buyer to complete an inspection on delivery to satisfy themselves the item is suitable, as expected and fit for the intended purpose

For any buyer agreeing to a sale without viewing the item first, we provide the option to ask for any further information, photographs or videos of any specific part or area of concern prior to any commitment. We can accommodate and even arrange for any inspection by a third-party AA/RAC or engineer on behalf of the buyer (at the buyers expense) prior to any commitment.

Any item sent by carrier, pallet, post or any other transport, where upon delivery, we cannot complete an inspection with the buyer, will ONLY be sold on a "Spares or Repairs" for parts, not suitable for its original intended purpose , Trade to Trade basis, no matter what the original advertisement implied, we will not sell any item deemed "Fit for Purpose" to ANY buyer who cannot sign as having inspected the item upon delivery by ourselves, such an item will NOT be accepted for a return as it will not be a consumer purchase and the buyer will be made very aware of this prior to purchase. We would much sooner meet our buyers and introduce them to the item they have bought, than send an item unseen.

None of the information provided in our description (relevant to the item) has been verified and will have been taken from any accompanying paperwork or details supplied by the former owner, anything of specific requirement can be checked at the buyer’s request. Unless otherwise stated no formal or expert inspection has been made of any item offered for sale and descriptions are based on a visual ground level inspection by an unqualified surveyor.

Every item we sell will have been comprehensively photographed and videoed showing every aspect of the item, this will normally include, starting, stopping, driving and walk round videos for all vehicles and plant items. Additionally, cars and vans are given a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) with all minor faults noted and the customer will be asked to accept and sign the PDI at the point of purchase. In the event of a new fault occurring to the purchased item, we will use the provided photographs, videos and PDI sheets to confirm the lack of a fault or obvious presence of a fault at the time of the sale.

We have no way to prove the mileage or hours recorded on the odometer of any used vehicle or item and as such all mileage / hour readings are to be disregarded as incorrect and could differ from the actual mileage / hours covered by the vehicle. If advertised as “Warrantied miles” this simply implies the MOT history and service history imply that the recorded mileage is correct.

As stated on the VOSA certificate a current MOT does not guarantee a road worthy vehicle for the duration of the certificate, all buyers are advised to inspect or have inspected any vehicle prior to use in order to satisfy them of the road worthy condition of the item. For all items with unknown service history we advise the buyer to immediately upon delivery or collection arrange a service of the item prior to use, failure to follow this advise may impede the return of a consumer product.

If an item is advertised as having been “Diagnostic Checked” it will have had a basic inspection of the engine ECU only, stored codes may have been cleared, engine management lights extinguished and faults corrected to achieve a “No code present” status.   

Meeting any and all Health & Safety requirements of any item supplied by Catlowdy Carriages Ltd is entirely at the buyers responsibility, we do not check, inspect, approve or recommend anything regarding the safe use of any item sold. All machinery, vehicles, plant and trailers can be hazardous if incorrectly used. 

Included in your purchase price is 2 weeks free storage from the date of payment, there after we charge £10 + VAT per day storage, all storage fees need to be paid before collection. We reserve the right to dispose of any item once the storage charge has reached the value of the item. 

We can offer to send suitable sized items by low cost pallet delivery, it will be unloaded at your end by a tail lift truck so no forklift required. This is a cheap way to deliver smaller items over a longer distance, however the included insurance cover provided by the pallet company WILL NOT cover the replacement cost of an high value item like a quad bike or mini digger, pallet delivery is entirely at the buyers risk of loss. Other direct, more costly delivery options are available.


All sales trade or retail are subject to a none refundable administration fee of £125.00 and all customers agree to forfeit this amount from any refund of a returned item when entering into any sales agreement with Catlowdy Carriages Ltd.

Any item purchased by a "consumer" may be returned to us for a refund subject to these conditions and within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Should you wish to return an item please contact as soon as possible by phone on 01228 217511 or using the form by pressing the button below.

The cost of returning an item to us is to be paid by the Customer. The Customer will be solely responsible for additional costs incurred in returning an item including licensing, insurance, fuel cost, transport or recovery, these costs could be more than any original delivery charge included in your purchase, which may have been discounted or reduced. Any such costs must be paid for in full by the customer or will deducted from any refund.

The item being returned has developed a fault (being a mechanical fault or defect in materials or workmanship on the item) and such fault is apparent (acting reasonably). We will not accept a return simply because the Customer has changed their mind.

Any faults pointed out at the time of purchase, by advertised description or printed inspection will NOT be a suitable reason to return an item.

We must be satisfied that the Customer is a private buyer, or consumer (and not a trade buyer or otherwise).

The item has to be returned is in the same condition, save for the presence of the fault and fair wear and tear, as at the time of collection or delivery to the customer.

If your item was sold with a full tank of fuel it must be returned with a full tank or we will deduct the amount it costs to refill the tank from your refund.

A fair and reasonable deduction may be taken from the original purchase price for the any use of the item by the customer, for cars, vans & motorcycles we allow 250 miles of free use and charge £1 per mile thereafter, these fee’s will be deducted from your purchase price prior to a refund.

For cars, vans & motorcycles we will withhold a sum of £250 until the current logbook is returned to us, without the log book the vehicle does not have the same value.

We must be satisfied that the Customer owns the item outright, that it free from any incumbrance and is fully entitled to return the item.


If a court or authority finds any part of these “Terms of Sale” to be illegal, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, the remaining parts of “Terms of Sale” will continue in full force and effect.